Hi hi,

I'm coming over for a week on 2nd April for a week and will need to work on my laptop while I'm here, can anyone advise on a good pay as you go mobile modem that works well in PDC please?

My fifth time back in Lanzarote and looking forward to it, I'm gong to be on my own so if there are any friendly types that fancy a beer give me a shout!!

Any advice welcome on wireless connection would be gratefully received!!


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Hi Suz

Look at this! Lanzarote ADSL access "The perfect solution for your laptop on holidays". Local 3G broadband flat rate from your hotel or villa. Contact us: internet@lanzarotewebcam.com or visit http://www.lanzarote-webcam.com/adsl

Best Regards


We used this when we were over at New Year and it was excellent. You hire it from Rafa. He meets you at the airport and tries it out there and then and you return it to him back at the airport on your departure. It is a very reasonable rental charge as well and we are using it again whe we come back in July.
thanks for your replies, this does seem the simplest solution and will be going with it :-)

Thanks again :-)

From another discussion on the same topic:

Wolfram Sölter
the vodafone shop in arrecife has an offer for a prepaid umts sim card for using internet by notebook:
The prices are: (15.12.09)
UMTS SIM Card (incl. 250 Mb) = 29,95€
Card and USB-Stick = 44,00€
Data Volumes (ok for 90 days)
1 GB = 59,00
500 Mb = 29,00
250 Mb = 19,00
1 Month = 49,00 (UMTS Capacity 1 Gb, after it unlimited GPRS)
14 Days = 26,00 (UMTS Capacity 500 Mb, after it unlimited GPRS)
1 Week = 15,00 (UMTS Capacity 250 Mb, after it unlimited GPRS)
We used it for 4 Week in our Bungalow in Famara and have been very content. If any questions,
contact me.

Geoff Buck
Movistar also have an offer of 200mb for 15 euro's. I use this and it serves it's purpose. i did get the first 3 or 4 months for half price too.


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